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My name is Mercy Ie. I'm an Interior Design Consultant, and I help Realtors and their clients make homes awesome. 

Whether you’re buying or selling, I can help you get the most value out of your home. 
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San pablo, CA

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REal Estate

Help your buyers see the potential, and your sellers sell for more.


Offer value to your clients by partnering with an interior designer who understands the housing market.

I team up with you during house showings to help your buyers envision what’s possible for each space.

that matter

Help your sellers quickly improve their property and get it to market for the highest possible price.

Focus on what matters most with the least cost, to save your clients money and get the best ROI.
Let's Work Together


Your vision, on your budget.


Squeeze every dollar out your purchase by “seeing” the potential before you buy.

Avoid buying a house that may cost too much to achieve your vision, and learn about the most dramatic improvements for the least amount of money.

build Equity

Instantly build equity in your new home by improving the elements with the best return on investment - bathroom, landscaping, and kitchen.

Have fun making your dream home a reality, even on a limited budget.
Let's Work Together


Increased sales value, guaranteed.

sell for more

Attract buyers by making improvements to your property before you sell.

Prioritize minor improvements that are proven to increase sale value. We’ll focus on the quickest methods to get the most money out of your home.

No guesswork

Stand out from the competition by emphasizing what matters most to buyers. Eliminate market value guesswork - I work directly with your realtor on your home’s price.

Want to chat with me about your ideas for your space? Drop me a line on the contact form below. 
Let's Work Together

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Let me know how I can help you. Feel free to call me at (425)-429-1665 or you can message me via the contact form.

I also have a really cool FAQ section that answers a bunch of common questions.


Hope Arise Interiors is a faith-based business specializing in interior design consulting, providing hope and vision for spaces that clients are looking to update.


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