simple Pricing

$175 for 1.5 hours

($50.00 each additional 30 minutes)


(First $175 is paid by the Realtor. Any additional time is paid by the client.)
Come alongside you to provide suggestions for budget-friendly upgrades to increase the value of their home.
Listen to your client’s needs, and offer ideas on improvements, such as how to furnish and decorate.
Share where I shop for the best deals on furniture, especially if your clients are new to the area.
Connect you with my favorite local services (painters, contractors, plumbers, etc.)

Direct Clients

(First $175 and any additional time is paid by you, the client.)
Make your vision for your space a reality!
Help you with bathroom, kitchen, and landscaping renovations.
Compile a custom list of my favorite vendors for your project, including DIY resources.
Curate a Pinterest board, a rough sketch, and a checklist of goals.
Help you with minor upgrades and remodels that significantly improve the value of your home.

Get in touch

Let me know how I can help you. Feel free to call me at (425)-429-1665, or you can message me via the contact form.

I also have a really cool FAQ section that answers a bunch of common questions.


Hope Arise Interiors is a faith-based business specializing in interior design consulting, providing hope and vision for spaces that clients are looking to update.


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