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Here’s the place where I answer your most common questions about hiring an Interior Design Consultant. If you’re curious about what it would cost to hire me, feel free to check out my pricing page.
I’m a Realtor, and I’m interested in your business. How will partnering with you add value to my clients?
For your sellers, you already do a walkthrough with them to assess their property. I’d love to come alongside you to provide suggestions for budget-friendly upgrades to increase the value of their home.
For your buyers, I’d love to help your client make their new space feel like home sooner than later by providing ideas on any improvements, how to furnish and decorate, or where to shop for furniture especially if they’re new to the area.
As a Realtor, what do you need from me in order to partner together?
It’s as simple as signing a partnership agreement that lays out pricing, scheduling, and the longevity of our partnership. The services I listed above would be free to your clients for the first hour and a half, but paid by you and any additional service needed from me will be paid by the client.
$175 = 1.5 hour consultation (paid by the Realtor) / $50 = any additional 30 minutes (paid by the client). Check out my pricing page here.
What is an Interior Design Consultant? How is that different from other interior designers?
I simply take your ideas/vision for your space and help initiate the process for you to achieve your design goals and connect you with local services (painters, contractors, plumbers, etc). My services are ideal for minor upgrades or renovations that are not structural (no tearing down walls, creating new rooms, complete gutting of rooms, etc). 

I aim to help those who are not looking for a complete home remodel, but rather a few spaces. If you are needing a full remodel, I would be more than happy to connect you with an interior design firm that can better assist you.
I’m a homeowner, and I’ve never hired an interior designer. What can I expect from your services?
We would have a meeting virtually or in person to discuss your design needs, and brainstorm a plan of action together. After our meeting, I will curate a Pinterest board, a rough sketch, and a checklist of things to do, list of services or vendors for your project that will all be emailed to you so you can use them to DIY.
I’ve heard interior design is expensive, is that true?
It really depends on the state of your home or property, if there are any major issues with water damage or cracks in the walls. Best case scenario, you can upgrade a room for just $200-$500 dollars, but if you’re needing a significant remodel, that can be up to $12,000-$20,000. It also depends on if you’re able to DIY some work, or need to call outside services and it would depend on what they charge.
How much on average would it cost to say, redo my kitchen or bathroom?
Depending on what needs to be updated, kitchens can be upgraded for $200-$2000.  Bathrooms can be a bit more expensive as tile or plumbing is usually involved, but it can range from $200-$12,000. The higher end of the costs would only be worse case scenario, if you had to gut the shower or tub due to water leaks, etc.
I’m a seller, how much can you improve the sale value of my home? 
With upgrades to your home, you can potentially raise the value of your home by $10,000-$20,000.
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Hope Arise Interiors is a faith-based business specializing in interior design consulting, providing hope and vision for spaces that clients are looking to update.


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